Collection: Huilerie Koura

For several generations, the Esber family has been passionately cultivating its olive trees in Lebanon in the Koura region at an altitude of 350 meters in limestone soil using an ORGANIC cultivation method but not certified to date. Before being cold extracted, the olives are separated from the branches and leaves, then washed with water and then pressed, which avoids any fermentation and gives the oil extreme freshness. The olive paste is kept at a varying temperature between 24°C and 27°C, in the traditional way. This method of extraction complies with the requirements of organic standards. KOURA olive oils are extracted 24 hours after the olive harvest, which guarantees a better quality of first cold-pressed extra-virgin oil and a very low acidity rate (acidity rate of 0.03% ). This extraction is done mechanically, without any chemical treatment, prohibiting the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides or synthetic herbicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to seek the quality and safety of the products and to respect natural ecosystems.

Koura olive oil is immediately exported to Canada to be bottled in the Laurentians region. Part of this oil will be flavored with coriander and orange, fine herbs, hot pepper, dried tomato, oil flavored with garlic from Quebec, oil infused with lemon and whole pepper and the last one is infused with Saffron from Quebec (from Ripon and Labelle).